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Prices for dental services

The cost of dental services depends on your specific dental situation so the final price of treatment can only be determined by careful examination of the patient's situation. After diagnosing the patient the doctor will make an individual treatment plan that is as effective as possible in each individual case, taking into account the patient's desired and only then will the doctor be able to tell you the exact price.

Presented below is a brief list for prices of popular dental services.

Inspection, consultation and diagnostics

Examining and diagnosing a particular tooth - up to 10 min/td> 75-00
Extended consultation with an objective examination of all teeth, diagnosis and preparation of a sanitation plan (without the cost of X-rays) - up to 40 minutes 480-00
X-ray (computer vision) - 1 shot 80-00
Video diagnostics with an intraoral video camera with data output to the monitor screen 60-00
Complete sterile set of tools for dental treatment (Anti-AIDS, Anti-HCV) 97-00


Basic local anesthesia manufactured in Germany (Ubistesin forte), France (Septanest) 135-00
Computer anesthesia «STA System» USA (the patient doesn’t even feel the injection) 280-00

Hygiene and prevention

Removal of plaque using an ultrasonic scaler - for a single tooth 155-00
Full session of removing plaque by ultrasonic equipment with additional polishing (both jaws) 780-00
Procedure for strengthening enamel with fluorine-containing lacquers "Bifluorid 12" Voco (Germany) - 1 jaw 760-00

Therapeutic treatment

Treatment of cavities от 680-00
Pulpitis treatment от 1140-00
Periodontitis treatment от 1180-00
Medical lining under a tooth filling 92-00
Photopolymer seal, reinforced with fiberglass от 1145-00

Endodontics - manipulations in the treatment of root canals

Mechanical and chemical expansion of a destroyed or curved root canal от 470-00
Mechanical and chemical expansion of the root canal with the use of an endo motor fitted with digital apex locating 795-00
Sealing of one root canal with polymerizing paste/cemen 1180-00
Sealing of one root canal with polymerizing paste/cement with the use of an endo motor fitted with digital apex locating 1310-00
The introduction of calcium-containing material Calasept into the root canals 585-00

Prosthetic dentistry

One-piece crown 710-00
Metal Ceramic Crown Duceram kiss 1290-00
Initial ceramic crown 1550-00
Ceramic crown on zirconium frame 4960-00
Ceramic veneer 4480-00
Partial removable plate prosthesis от 2230-00
Complete removable plate prosthesis от 3730-00
Clasp-type prosthesis от 9105-00
Alginate tooth cast 130-00
Silicone tooth cast 280-00
Temporary crowns and teeth Protemp 220-00

Restoration of teeth

Photopolymer composite filling of Class I cavities от 680-00
Photopolymer composite filling of class II-IV cavities от 965-00
Restoration of a destroyed crown part of the tooth with photopolymer composites reinforced with fiberglass pins от 2525-00
Restoration of the destroyed subgingival part of the tooth 1142-00
Reconstruction of the exposed root of the tooth with the composite "artificial gum" 1490-00


Primary VECTOR-therapy of all teeth on first visit 3420-00
Supportive (repeated) VECTOR-therapy of all teeth 2430-00
Lesson of Hygiene 130-00
Splinting teeth with the Glasspene system, Fiber Splint (for 1 tooth) 1142-00
Medicinal treatment of pathological gingival pockets (1 session) 190-00

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening with Beyond (1 jaw) 2550-00
Teeth whitening with Beyond (1-2 teeth) от 785-00
Manufacturing of an individual dental tray for remineralization of enamel and home teeth whitening 465-00
Endodontic (intracanal) bleaching of a darkened tooth (1 session) 785-00