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About Dental Plus Dental Clinic

Denta Plus is a modern dental clinic where an integrated approach to dental work is applied, which provides the patient with complete comfort in all stages of their treatment by highly qualified specialists with various profiles. These techniques create the necessary prerequisites for a high quality treatment of our patients, with the possibility of an integrated assessment of the problem by the clinic's specialists. We then can apply the best debridement plan for a successful treatment in the shortest possible time. 

"Denta Plus" is fit to carry out the treatment, restoration and prosthetics of teeth using to the most modern technologies. If the tooth crown is destroyed by cavities we can cure, seal or fully restore the tooth with high grade photopolymer material. 
In the case of a combined pathology (cavities, tooth displacement, discoloration, distorted tooth shape) a complete reconstruction of the teeth is performed. Some teeth are simply sealed, others are given a new beautiful shape or a new position in the dentition, gaps are eliminated between teeth, some teeth that have become darkened as a result of once performed treatment are bleached or covered with helio composite material (laminate, veneer), resulting in uniform coloration of the teeth. If the patient has an urgent need to lighten the color of all the teeth, then all the teeth are be covered with laminates (veneers).

Classical denture restoration is carried out with cermets, non-metal ceramics, implants, as well as modern designs of clasp prostheses (partial removable dentures). This method is used in cases where there are many teeth missing, more than 6-8 on one jaw. The time needed to manufacture fixed bridges is 5-10 days, and combined prosthetics (ie.  bridges and a clasp prosthesis) may require 15-20 days.

If you do not have one tooth, then in some cases we can successfully restore it in just one visit, making a so-called adhesive bridge or create a "Connection" based fromju photopolymers and glass fibers "Glasspin", "Fiber Splint". This will take 2-3 hours.

Advantages of our clinic are individual approach to the patient, lack of queues, caring staff.
The staff of the dental clinic "Denta Plus" is not only professional doctors and assistant doctors, but also a creative team that always keeps up with the development of modern dentistry. We are always interested in learning about new products in dentistry and translating them into our work.

In the clinic "Denta Plus" dentists know how to make a perfect smile, and also to conduct dental treatment at a high level. The best reward in the work is the patient's health - something that is really dear to us.
Dental Clinic "Denta Plus" is a medical center for people demanding quality and comfort.

Advantages of denta plus clinic

  • More than 20 years of impeccable work;
  • 1st category accreditation of the clinic by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
  • Medal and diploma winner of the All-Ukrainian rating "Industry Leader"
  • A wide range of dental services: therapeutic treatment of teeth and restoration, teeth whitening; orthopedic dentistry (removable and non-removable prosthetics, implant prosthetics); treatment of periodontal tissues; effective high-quality anesthesia in all stages of treatment
  • Highly qualified doctors who provide dental services with the use of the most modern equipment and methods working with a qualified assistant
  • Accurate diagnosis with awareness and careful control of outcomes of the treatment are aided and monitored by using computer-aided radiovisiography (the radiation dose is several times lower than with traditional radiography)
  • The strict observance of sanitary norms and perfect system of instrument sterilization 
  • The development of an individual with detailed treatment plan taking into account the existing pathology based on cooperation and interaction of dentists of various specialties - the therapist, periodontist, orthopedist
  • A real guarantee is provided for photopolymer seals, restorations, dental crowns and dentures
  • Cooperation with leading insurance companies
  • Patient admission 6 days a week from 08:00 to 20:00

If you follow your health, appreciate highly professional dentistry, great quality of service, psychological comfort, then dental clinic "Denta Plus" is exactly what you need!

Vacancies of dental clinic Denta Plus

Dental Clinic "Denta Plus" is interested in growing the ranks of its specialists with new professionals who are striving for further development.

Unfortunately at present, there are no vacancies available, but if you have the desire to become a part of our wonderful staff at Denta Plus clinic, send your resume in an arbitrary form to the address:, specifying the position you are applying for and expected payment. 

We will consider your candidacy, and we will contact you in case of a vacancy that matches your level of preparation, as well as your expectations.