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Restoration of teeth

Professional restoration of teeth

Professional restoration of your teeth in our clinic is carried out using various techniques and depending on the complexity of the procedure, it is often performed on the same day. the usual procedures are:

Dental treatment


Treatment of the root canals involves treating the insides of the tooth in which the pulp or nerve is located. The tooth pulp has a variety of blood and lymph vessels, connective tissue and nerves.

Any inflammation in this area can be extremely painful and thus it is important not to delay a visit to the doctor.
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Prosthetic dentistry


Modern dentistry is long since not limiting it’s treatment of cavities to only tooth extractions. Before the treatment, the orthopedic dentist is working to restore your smile by offering many various methods of tooth dentures, offering you the choice of either metal-ceramic designs or crowns and teeth based on zirconium oxide (metal-free ceramic). An experienc



Implantation is considered one of the most progressive and gentle methods of teeth restoration and is suitable both for patients who do not have only one tooth or with the complete absence of teeth. At the same time, the installation of implants not only solves aesthetic problems, but also ensures the health of the oral cavity and the organism as a whole.

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is aimed primarily at creating a beautiful smile - a priceless feature for a successful person’s image, self-confidence and general happiness. 

Recently, this is gaining popularity and recognition.


  • Artistic restoration of teeth;

Teeth whitening


In modern society, a pearly white smile is associated with health and success.

Even in ancient times, people were using vinegar, chewing charcoal or rubbing the teeth with chalk and doing it all for the sake of a dazzling smile. 

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Periodontology and oral hygiene


Periodontitis is one of the most common dental diseases: it affects about 90% of people over 40 years old. It’s danger lies in the inflammation of soft tissues, which is the main protection of the tooth, as well as the decay of bone tissue and gingival joint.

The initial stages of development of periodontal disease in most cases are not perceived b