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Dental treatment

Dental treatment is usually necessary if you have experienced troubles such as caries and its complications: pulpitis and periodontitis. Dental treatment is often complemented by the treatment of gums that have been damaged by periodontitis and the prevention of further development of caries.

Tooth restoration

Tooth restoration means restoring the original shape, structure, color and other functions of the tooth, making it identical to your healthy teeth.

Teeth whitening

A snow-white smile instantly displays others success, social status and excellent health. Our specialists can help you achieve your dream of having pearly white teeth.

Dental crowns

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to part with a tooth and then the only way of getting your Hollywood smile, is dental crowns. We offer the most modern techniques and technologies of dental crowning with a guarantee.

Why people choose our clinic:

Extensive work experience

The dentists in our facility have more than 20 years of impeccable work experience.

High authority and recognition

Medal and diploma winner of the all-Ukrainian rating "Leader of the industry"

Convenient location in the city centre

You can easily reach us on any type of transport.

Wide spectrum of dental services

From treatment and restoration to whitening and crowning of teeth.

High qualification specialists

The experience of our specialists is confirmed by the results of the work, as well as diplomas and certificates.

Help in the most non-standard situations

Our specialists can transform even the ugliest smile.

Advanced treatment strategy

At the initial consultation, the doctor will diagnose and make a plan for the treatment

Modern Equipment

Our doctors have modern equipment and materials at all stages of the treatment.

Acceptable Prices!

Prices in our clinic are cost-effective and ideal in relation to the price / quality ratio

More than 20 years of faithful work

"Denta Plus" is a dental clinic familiar to many in Zhytomyr, offering the most demanded dental procedures at affordable prices. Due to the high qualification of our clinic’s specialists, professional equipment and very affordable prices, you will have many new reasons for a sincerely happy smile!

We create beautiful smiles

Denta Plus is a modern dental clinic specializing in advanced diagnostics and treatments of diseases of the teeth and oral cavity. Book an appointment.

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