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Periodontology and oral hygiene

Periodontology and oral hygiene in the clinic Denta Plus


Periodontitis is one of the most common dental diseases: it affects about 90% of people over 40 years old. It’s danger lies in the inflammation of soft tissues, which is the main protection of the tooth, as well as the decay of bone tissue and gingival joint.

The initial stages of development of periodontal disease in most cases are not perceived by the patient as requiring immediate dental intervention. Because of this, the disease progresses and gradually the area of ​​inflammation increases, bleeding increases, gum recession and exposure of the tooth root are observed. More recently, the treatment of such problems was painful and time consuming.

However, the use of modern equipment allowed us to make the procedure as gentle and quick as possible. In their work, the doctors at Denta Plus use the “Vector ultrasound system” from the leading manufacturer of dental equipment from German corporation Durr Dental. It’s difference from other methods of treatment is the careful removal of bacterial biofilm and tartar using high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations. In this case, damage to healthy tissues does not occur - safety is ensured due to the high degree of localization of vibration exposure.


  • No pain and most gentle for enamel and dentin;
  • Complete destruction of bacteria and subgingival stone;
  • The most thorough means for cleaning the gum pockets in existence thus far;
  • The only alternative to surgical treatments.

The Vector ultrasound system is a real way to prolong the life of the teeth, support bone tissue and cure periodontitis without surgery and without damaging the soft tissues. It removes the cause of the disease - tartar deposits, toxins and bacteria below the gum level, deep in the gum pocket. 

Operating principle

Vector creates ultrasonic vibrations in the gum pocket that destroy 100% of the pathogenic microorganisms. At the same time, the upper part of the root and all hard-to-reach areas are cleared of pathogen plaque, and then the gum pocket is thoroughly washed to the bottom. The procedure is carried out several times with an interval of several weeks.

Treatment results

Foreign studies and our practical experience have shown the tremendous effectiveness of such a restorative and prophylactic method for the treatment of periodontitis. You will feel the first results in a couple of days, and after the treatment is over, you will be able to get rid of the disease - the gums will “tighten”, breath will disappear, itching in the gums, bleeding, teeth mobility. The most important thing is that the treatment with the use of surgical intervention (curettage) and vector therapy give equally positive results, but, naturally, if there is an alternative to the operation, then it should be used.

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