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Implantology in the clinic Denta Plus


Implantation is considered one of the most progressive and gentle methods of teeth restoration and is suitable both for patients who do not have only one tooth or with the complete absence of teeth. At the same time, the installation of implants not only solves aesthetic problems, but also ensures the health of the oral cavity and the organism as a whole.


In modern conditions, the second option is often used. Implantology in recent years, greatly progressed for the better. The procedure for installing implants is painless, a positive result is achieved in 93 - 95% of cases. The price is already comparable with traditional methods of prosthetics. At the same time, the chewing function is as close to natural as possible, as if the tooth were its own. Different types of implants are used in different situations and have different costs. At the consultation, taking into account a number of factors, the doctor will help determine the choice of implants specifically for your situation.

The installation of a dental implant allows you to solve the problem of the absence of teeth in the jaw quickly and delicately. Depending on the wishes of the patient and the state of the oral cavity, our dentists may offer you the implantation of one or more teeth, as well as fixed structures in the complete absence of your own teeth. 

Since implants are implanted in the jaw bone, they are a stable basis for artificial teeth. Dentures and bridges attached to the implants do not "slide" and do not move in the mouth when eating or talking. Due to this, artificial teeth (bridges or individual crowns) fixed on implants give the most natural sensation of “their teeth” than any other prosthetics. And the most important point is the absence of the need to attach the denture to the teeth that are healthy but are on both sides absent, respectively, there is no need to grind (dissect) the adjacent teeth.


  • Your new teeth are held firmly in the jaw;
  • Implants are no different from your natural teeth;
  • There is no need to grind adjacent teeth;
  • You can eat any food, it does not get stuck under crowns and dentures;
  • Implants provide the necessary load on the jaw bone when chewing, which means that you are reliably protected from the problems of destruction of the jaw bone, the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, sinking of the cheeks and changes in the face contour;
  • Dental implants are reliable and safe, do not distort the taste of food and do not require correction for a very, very long period of time.

An example of a two-stage implantation

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