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Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry in the clinic Denta Plus

Aesthetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is aimed primarily at creating a beautiful smile - a priceless feature for a successful person’s image, self-confidence and general happiness. 

Recently, this is gaining popularity and recognition.


  • Artistic restoration of teeth;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Veneers;
  • Lumineers.


Art restoration is a procedure for restoring a damaged structure of a healthy tooth with restoration (filling) materials, the ultimate goal of which is to achieve a high aesthetics of the tooth.

This method is designed to completely replicate the original appearance of the damaged tooth with imitation of all natural shapes, colors and translucency of natural enamel.

The artistic restoration of teeth is also resorted to, if necessary, to correct the ugly congenital shape of the teeth, to eliminate the gaps (tremé and diastema), to restore the color of the darkened tooth or to correct its wrong position in the dentition.
In some particularly difficult situations, the restoration of teeth is truly the moment of reincarnation and the beginning of a new life.


In modern society, a snow-white smile is associated with the health and success of its owner.

Even in ancient times, people began to use vinegar, chewed charcoal or rubbed enamel with chalk, making it all for a dazzling smile.

Today it is enough to spend one hour of your time and conduct a complete and effective teeth whitening in the conditions of the dental clinic "Denta Plus".


Veneers are thin ceramic or heliocomposite plates that replace the outer (front) layer of teeth.

Installation of veneers is one of the most advanced techniques, which quickly gives the desired aesthetic (cosmetic) result.
Composite veneers are made literally in the patient's mouth from the same photopolymer materials that are used to fill teeth.
Installation of porcelain veneers will require several visits to the orthopedic dentist. First, a tooth is prepared for veneer, then an impression is taken, according to which, in the dental laboratory, veneer is made of ceramic. Then the finished structure is fixed on the tooth surface.


Lumineers or Hollywood veneers (eng. LUMINEERS) are ultra-fine porcelain micro-prostheses that the world owes to the American corporation Cerinate. Real Lumineers are created only in America, and then shipped to the patient’s homeland. Hollywood veneers look perfect, they are almost impossible to recognize at a glance.

The principal difference between veneers and lumineers is the need for grinding teeth for their installation. If the veneer, the standard thickness of which is not less than 0.6 mm, is glued to the tooth without prior preparation, then the tooth will seem too convex and look unnatural. But lumineers, the thickness of which can be 0.2 mm, can be installed on teeth without turning: Lumineers are made of durable dental porcelain with an admixture of special crystals, which allows them to withstand heavy loads and not break.


Aesthetic dentistry
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